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what skills do you have?



What is the craziest, most daring thing you  can imagine. Picture it. Now build it. That's the type of contractor we want to hire - someone not afraid to try something new, develop new techniques, and push the envelope out in quality.


textures & renders

Do you have experience with Photoshop, Cinema4D, Blender, Chunky, and other image-editing software? If so, apply to work with us. We are always looking for someone with the magic touch for both renders and textures - to be able to evoke a sense of awe and mystery.


add-ons & custom entities

Soar as high as a dragon, or scurry around on the floor like a mouse. Add-ons and their custom entities have to complement the maps that they are bundled with. Those with a flair for the unique are the type of add-on designer we want to hire.


HD detail, balanced shading, and unique concept - that is the type of skin pack designer we want to hire as a contractor. Skins are the player's entry into the game, and as such are key to help sculpt narratives in maps. 


commands & redstone

Can you program command blocks, create complex redstone contraptions, and use structure blocks for in-game animation? Although not essential, they are key to improving in-game experience for the player.

apply form

Spring contractor applications are now open and being processed. 

Want to build worlds together? To work with CrackedCubes as a contractor, please fill out the form below. Expect a response within 72 hours. Repeat applications will be rejected. By using this form, you authorise CrackedCubes Ltd to receive and hold data submitted by you through this form under GDPR regulations.


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