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Holiday Resort is now available for free

CrackedCubes Team

10 Jan 2023

Get ready for some fun and adventures at our resort!

We are thrilled to announce that our new flagship feature project, Holiday Resort, is now available for free on Minecraft Marketplace. Hosted as part of Minecraft's New Year's Celebration 2023, get ready to take that well deserved relaxing tropical break this new year and journey to the ultimate VIP holidaying destination.

Filled with everything you would expect from a seven star resort, explore huge hotels, play golf by the sea, race against friends on water scooters, splash around in the water park, relax at the fairground, and more!

To download Holiday Resort, and to find out more about the resort's specific features, please visit our store page here.

Hosted by our butler Cornelius, Holiday Resort is very easy to get lost in. With huge areas to explore, there are a lot of hidden details, and even a few easter eggs for you to find! There are book scattered around to help you, along with the interactive park map which also lists all activities and room types. If exploration isn't really your thing, why not try out some of the fun-filled tropical minigames?

Can you score a hole-in-one at our oceanic golf course, or hit the target at our archery range? Perhaps you're a thrill seeker, and want to plummet from great heights on our drop tower, or scramble across the teetering treetops in our adventure course? Maybe you love fast speeds, and want to fly between checkpoints in our seaplane? Or, if you are anything like our butler, you might want to keep both feet on the ground, making our bumper cars and carousel rather inviting.

If minigames and exploration aren't really your thing, why not put your feet up? Survival can be hard in Minecraft, but at Holiday Resort it really is a breeze. Visit our ocean-view cafes in the sky, relax at our pools or in our tropical spas, eat hot dogs while lounging on beaches next to campfires, dance with your friends in our night clubs, catch up on the latest movies at our resort cinema, and much more! And, if you want to dial the relaxation up a notch, visit our exclusive separate VIP island to get away from the noisy crowds!

Whatever the mood, you will always find something to do at our Holiday Resort. The whole CrackedCubes team welcomes you, and hope that you enjoy your blocky vacation.

Watch the launch trailer here:

We sat down for a little chat with Sophie over at Mojang to discuss what sort of adventures you can get up to at our Holiday Resort, the 'dream destination' in Minecraft! If you want to have a read, head on over to Minecraft's news page, or click here.

New Year's Celebration Image Source: Mojang Synergies AB (via Twitter / @Minecraft / @MinecraftMarket)

To watch the celebration launch trailer, please click here. Holiday Resort features as a part of the wider 2023 New Year's Celebration on Minecraft Marketplace, and releases for free January 10th at 18:00 GMT (9:00 am PST).

View the Minecraft Holiday Resort announcement tweet here:


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Holiday Resort


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