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Exeter Cathedral by MinecraftRepro. Click here to visit his portfolio.

CrackedCubes Ltd is a design and consultancy company based in the United Kingdom, with its listed office in London and head of operations in Exeter. Officially incorporated as a company in May 2020, we've defied the odds and grown at a time when the world is seemingly shrinking. Gaming, creativity, and player experiences have been, and will continue to be, a way to escape reality.

Although we were initially established in 2018 as a loose team of content creators publishing free content, after exceeding 4.3 million free downloads we decided to evolve CrackedCubes into a company that focuses on publishing content in the official Minecraft Marketplace and exploring the seemingly limitless potential for outwards expansion.

We are only just getting started.

Minedromeda | Director of CrackedCubes Ltd.

Through our partnership with Razzleberries AB and G2Crafted we are a Minecraft Marketplace Sub-Partner, which means we can publish our content directly on the Minecraft Marketplace. 

our team of contractors from around the world



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The game Minecraft is the canvas that allows me to fully express my creativity. I enjoy recreating real life places out of those virtual blocks, which can sometimes be rather challenging! I also sculpt organics and detailed custom terrains. Anyone that has an idea and some motivation can achieve anything in the great game that is Minecraft.



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Minecraft was and always will be a great opportunity to express yourself. From building complex castles to concept art, it gives you the best possible way to share your thoughts with others. I've played Minecraft since 2011 and to this day, it is still my favourite game. I've met a lot of great people throughout the time and kept connections with them.



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Minecraft for me is what a canvas is for a painter: both a therapeutic way of dealing with stress, and just a way to relax and out my creativity. Back in 2011, when my cousin gave me his account to walk around and build stuff, it immediately became my favourite game and something that I can play for days in a row without getting sick of it.

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For me, Minecraft isn't just a game you play. It's a real artistic medium on which I can express all my creativity. It has no limits except imagination. What fascinates me the most is being able to create whole worlds from nothing. Make up stories and then be a part of them... And all we need for that is a few cubes and a lot of friends.

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I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2012, yet I never thought I would meet such talented individuals in the Minecraft community. In 2016, I started to create maps for the public. I now have many contacts from all around the world who have helped me achieve things I never thought possible - learning new methods and styles working with creators. 



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For me, Minecraft isn't just a game, it is everything I could have dreamed of. Minecraft is endless and you can create whatever you want - that is why this game is so special to me. With its huge fanbase and open platforms, I can now create my skins art and share them to the whole world, and earn an income off it through working with multiple partners. I love Minecraft.

Fun fact: CrackedCubes' director is at university studying History. As a result, we aim to include a historical element into each and every one of our adventure maps for the Marketplace - no matter how nerdy it may seem.



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I see Minecraft not only as a game but also as an art form. It has allowed many people such as myself to use their creativity to create structures, pixel art, mods, and so on. The game has been so interesting to me - I have been playing it for well over five years now - and even to this day it still leaves me feeling that it has even more to offer.



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I have a true passion for Minecraft building, it was one of the first games I owned when I got my first gaming device, and it has stuck with me for the rest of time. It is a great medium to express my ideas and creativity, and its possibilities are endless - only what you can imagine. It brings a whole community together, and is all round a lot of fun.



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Minecraft is an amazing experience. From basic survival games with close friends to organised content creation for thousands to enjoy, Minecraft provides the perfect creative platform. Creating enjoyable game experiences alongside a team of talented and kind individuals for many people to enjoy in Minecraft is nothing short of a dream come true.



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In 2012 I installed the Pocket Edition so that I could spend my free time building. Although I wasn't particularly interested in battling on servers, single player mode suited me until a German youtuber started a private survival server. I applied to it and from there my designing and building skills improved towards medieval structures and ships. Your mind is your limit.



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I specialise in designing high-quality skins and organics for Minecraft. It is a unique platform that has set the standard for future games. Minecraft maintains an active community more than a decade after its first initial release. It is not just a good game or even a 3D modelling software; it's a beautiful, thriving artistic community that I'm delighted to be part of.



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From day one I loved to change aspects of Minecraft and create my own little stories. I progressed on from imagining little worlds with imaginary people, to actually conceptualising these people and places, and how they would interact. It was only a matter of time before I started to begin modelling items, blocks, and entities.

Fun fact: CrackedCubes has an unofficial team tagline: c'est la vie! It's how we cope with the relentless bugs and glitches we encounter and have to find solutions for in order to progress our many projects. 



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I've been playing Minecraft for years and have always enjoyed the game. I enjoy spending my free time addon projects, such as my recent releases yCreatures and yFarm. My passion for creating content came not only from the talent I consider to have, but also from my creativity in wanting to see how much more the game can offer - that is to reach its limits.



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CTMs have been my favourite type of maps for the last five years. They focus on amazing landscapes, astounding buildings, and structures. Making my own maps, I've improved in my building skills as I never thought I could in landscapes and buildings. Minecraft is definitely my favourite game because it has no limits. The only limit is your own imagination.



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I love building so much that I've never actually sat down and played survival even though I know all about it! Minecraft has evolved over the years and the building has only gotten better. With all the commands, plugins and tools building is more fun than it ever has been. This game is great and I love some blocks on top of blocks on top of blocks.



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I have developed a joy for taking the things I learn from my Architecture studies in the real world and applying them into virtual design. I have always enjoined designing. In June of 2009 a small game was released called Minecraft and it has endless, almost infinite, potential...! I also create skins and textures and enjoy working with other creators in major collaborations.

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Minecraft is truly a game of infinite possibilities. You can also make skins which you can post online for people to use or maybe even sell them if you’re in for example a group such as CrackedCubes. Making skins can be pretty fun; it is like designing a 3D model, but a thousand times easier and you can still make amazing designs. This is why I like Minecraft.

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I love Minecraft! It is my medium to express and create something both spectacular and artistic at the same time. I typically create skins, adventure maps, and simple minigame maps along with my own addons to fully customise the experience of playing in the game. A world of your own making - your own game all built from Minecraft!