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Our content is for sale on the official Minecraft Marketplace. Unique survival maps, mini-games, adventure maps, skins, and more are now available for Windows 10 and Pocket Edition (bedrock) players.

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Level City

Why not build up? Explore a mega city built on levels, with gods at the top and noobs at the bottom...



Mushroom World

Oh no! The giant bees have gone crazy... Can you help the bee trainer find the golden mushrooms to tame the bees!



Survival Platforms

Can you survive in the middle of the ocean? Struggle in your quest to find resources on huge sea platforms!




Greek World 


'...the most fundamental aspect of design is the cube, and we use a lot of them to build new experiences...'

Cal Allison | Founder of CrackedCubes Ltd


map spotlight

Every week we release a lot of maps. Sometimes a map deserves an extra shout out! Take a look below at this month's featured project. 


Are you a noob, pro, or god player? Choose which skyscraper suits your style and relax high up in the clouds! Featuring three cool skyscrapers, many modern houses, custom exotic cars, modern textures, trendy skins, and more. Available on the Minecraft Marketplace for 490 Minecoins.

Did you know that if you eat raw chicken in Minecraft survival you have a 30% chance of getting food poisoning?


skin pack spotlight

Every week we release a lot of skin packs. Sometimes some skin packs deserve an extra showcase! Take a look below at this month's featured skin pack. 

Apocalypse Gang_edited.jpg

Can you survive the end of the world? Grab your axe and prepare to battle your way to safety. Featuring ten HD survival skins, role-play with your friends, build your own survival bunkers, and stay safe during the world apocalypse! One free skin included. Available on the Minecraft Marketplace for 310 Minecoins.


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Below is a showcase of some of our favourite projects. Many of these can be purchased on the Minecraft Marketplace. Click here to visit our store.