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Our content is for sale on the official Minecraft Marketplace. Unique survival maps, mini-games, adventure maps, skins, and more are now available for Windows 10 and Pocket Edition (bedrock) players.


Sneakerhead Teens HD Skin Pack

Pick which sneakers match your personality from one of ten detailed semi-HD skins and become the coolest kid in town.




Military Submarine

Survival Map

Your submarine has docked at an old harbour and you are running out of resources. Explore the world and restock your supplies.



Chest Heads

Skin Pack

Role-play as your favourite vanilla block in chest form! Perfect for multiplayer, pick the chest that fits your personality.


'...minecraft should be considered art'

Minedromeda | Director of CrackedCubes Ltd

featured creations

Below are a few selections of our favourite builds. Not all are available for download/purchase.


building worlds together

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