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our featured releases

Our projects are available on Minecraft Marketplace: providing unique immersive and educational experiences to millions of Minecraft bedrock players worldwide. 

HYR-PixTeller (1)_edited.jpg

Holiday Resort

Filled with everything that you would expect from a resort, sit back, relax, and enjoy your tropical holiday on our exclusive island.



Roman World

Travel back in time to explore and live in an ancient Roman city, filled with hidden treasures and dangerous foes... can you survive?



Abandoned Mansion

Left abandoned in 1949 by its owners, the scary Davenport mansion is the perfect place to explore... as long as you hide from the monsters!




Holiday Resort



realms+ spotlight

Every year we release a lot of projects, and sometimes some of our favourites get to be featured. Take a look below at our latest addition this spring, as you have been invited to go inside a treehouse!


March Realms+ selection! What is it like to live high up in the clouds? Well now you can find
out! Featuring a huge custom treehouse, massive modern mansion, custom skins, models, textures, and automations, this is the perfect modern mansion to defend against your enemies!

Did you know that snow is not white? It is actually translucent, with light reflecting off it to make it appear white!

Snowmen Spies#4_0050_edited_edited.png

map spotlight

Every month we release a lot of maps. Sometimes a map deserves an extra shout out! Take a look below at this year's featured free project. 


It is time for a holiday! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your escape to an exclusive tropical island resort. Featuring minigames, 160+ models, a full tropical texture pack, a huge resort, and forty HD skins, this world is the perfect way to experience survival.

Did you know that if you eat raw chicken in Minecraft survival you have a 30% chance of getting food poisoning?


new releases

Catch up on our latest project releases below, or visit our store to view our full project catalog of free and paid content. New content every Tuesday, each week, all year.


If you place a pumpkin on top of two snow blocks, you will spawn a Snow Golem (snowman). Perfect to decorate your winter base with!


skin pack spotlight

Every week we release a lot of skin packs. Sometimes some skin packs deserve an extra showcase! Take a look below at this month's featured skin pack. 


Whether you’re part of the community, or an ally, we are all in the mighty (and scary) overworld journey together! Choose your favourite identity, best style, or coolest outfit. Be yourself, and charge into the next adventure with your friends!


Do you create unique and creative content? If so, why not apply to work with us? Head on over to Bucket of Crabs to get started, or click apply.


cinematic trailer

Our trailer features an animated showcase of some of our favourite projects from 2021. Most are available on Minecraft Marketplace, or on our store.

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