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Character Creator: April

Every month we release character creator (persona) items that are perfect to dress up in! The theme for April is a royal court! Why not journey to distant lands in the overworld as a court jester, or build your own kingdom and walk around all day in a crown?

featuring a royal gown, royal coat, jester shoes, jester hat, and a shiny golden regal crown, there is plenty to choose from and enjoy...

Get all items on Minecraft Marketplace today. If you are having issues with your purchase, please visit our FAQs for help.

All character creator items go live on their above listed launch dates at 18:00 GMT (9:00am PST). Items will remain live for one month, after which they will no longer be available to purchase. If you have already purchased an item by this point, it will remain in your personal character creator library indefinitely.


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