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2022 Five Year Celebration of Minecraft Marketplace

CrackedCubes Team

28 Jun 2022

Time to blow out the candles, and play Minecraft!

In order to celebrate Minecraft Marketplace turning five years old, Mojang is throwing a massive party! Make sure to grab the freebies, check out the free content, and look at some of the awesome deals available between the 28th June and 12th July. We are thrilled to be included in this event, a moment of history, and you can find our sci-fi Sector Zero world avaliable for a limited time only at 440 Minecoins (33% off).

You are part of the last human colony in Sector Zero! Safeguard your colony by gathering resources and reinforcing defences to protect against the droids. Discover an alien world, where colour is a rare find. Do you have what it takes to survive in this hostile environment?

Beneath the central AI's motherboard, you will find a giant prison for all of the villagers taken from the few remaining colonies. Do you think you have the parkour abilities needed to rescue them from the droids?

Perhaps you will find the lost human colony, left in ruins by the droids. If your combat skills are good enough, maybe you can help rebuild it while under attack?

To view the full details of this project, please click here to head on over to our store. The sale only applies during the above dates, and for more information on the sale keep an eye on Minecraft Marketplace.

Watch the Block Friday 2022 launch trailer:


If you place a pumpkin on top of two snow blocks, you will spawn a Snow Golem (snowman). Perfect to decorate your winter base with!


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Did you know that every 1 in 10,000 times you play Minecraft the main menu will display a typo in the game's title?



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