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Tree Mansion is now available on Realms Plus

CrackedCubes Team

14 Mar 2023

Get ready to live the high life up in the clouds!

We are kicking off the start to our spring 2023 content with a new exciting addition to our Realms+ catalog: Tree Mansion.

Realms+ Image Source: Mojang Synergies AB (via Twitter / @Minecraft / @MinecraftMarket)

High up in the clouds, and offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, get ready to be the newest billionaire on the block and the owner of this luxorious modern treehouse.

In this oversized survival world, you will discover an incredible 300 block tall treehouse, complete with a massive multi-story mansion (with many infinity pools), private helipad with helicopter, a gym with interactive equipment, custom furniture, and more!

Featuring a large mansion with over thirty rooms, there is plenty of space for you and your friends to hang out in style.
We even added a custom electronic piano for you to play!

Unique custom automations are built in to the manison, featuring automatic doors and a quick teleportation system to scale the tree quickly!

Avaliable now on Minecraft marketplace for 660 Minecoins, or for free if you have an active Realms+ subscription. Click here to go to the product page now.

Watch the Realms+ March 2023 launch trailer:


If you place a pumpkin on top of two snow blocks, you will spawn a Snow Golem (snowman). Perfect to decorate your winter base with!


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