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Level City update to 1.20 is now available

CrackedCubes Team

1 Aug 2023

A city made of levels... can you make it to the top?

We are kicking off the start to our summer 2023 content with a new exciting update to our existing project catalog: Level City.

Updated to 1.20! Why not build up? Explore a mega city built on levels, with gods at the top and noobs at the bottom... What level are you?

With innumerable places to visit, explore this mega city that is built on mulitple platforms all stacked on top of each other. Nestled between the ocean and mountains, is this city too big to call home?

Featuring over one thousand separate interiors, this maze-like structure is extremely challenging to navigate and provides hours of exploration fun.
In our 2023 update, we have brought the project up to 1.20 spec, expanded the city so that there are more than one hundred new places to explore, upgraded each and every skin (and added two new ones), changed how our NPCs work so that you can now trade with them as you would with any other villager in Minecraft, and (saving the best to last) upgraded the airballoon to have sixteen colour variations so that you can pick your favourite to fly around in!

Avaliable now on Minecraft marketplace for 490 Minecoins. Click here to go to the product page now.


If you place a pumpkin on top of two snow blocks, you will spawn a Snow Golem (snowman). Perfect to decorate your winter base with!


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Did you know that every 1 in 10,000 times you play Minecraft the main menu will display a typo in the game's title?



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