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New Year's Celebration 2023 Announcement

CrackedCubes Team

13 Dec 2022

Ring in the New Year with freebies and discounts!

With the holiday season in full swing, get ready for some freebies! Minecraft Marketplace is launching its New Year's Celebration 2023, with discounts, sales, and free content for all. We are thrilled to be included as part of this celebration, launching our flagship free project: Holiday Resort.

New Year's Celebration Image Source: Mojang Synergies AB (via Twitter / @Minecraft / @MinecraftMarket)

Take a well deserved relaxing tropical break this holiday season and journey to the ultimate VIP destination. Filled with everything you would expect from a seven star resort, explore huge hotels, play golf by the sea, race against friends on jet skis, splash around in the water park, relax at the fairground, and more! Coming soon for free to Minecraft Marketplace.

To watch the celebration launch trailer, please click here.

Also as part of the celebration, you can now pick up our map The Abandoned Mansion for 33% off (440 Minecoins) betweeen December 20th 2022 and January 3rd 2023.

Left abandoned in 1949 by its owners, the scary abandoned Davenport mansion is the perfect place to explore... as long as you are brave! Try not to get lost, because if you do you may not survive the mansion monsters.

To view the full details of this project, please click here to head on over to our store. The sale only applies during the above dates, and for more information on the sale keep an eye on Minecraft Marketplace.

Watch the New Year's Celebration 2023 launch trailer:


If you place a pumpkin on top of two snow blocks, you will spawn a Snow Golem (snowman). Perfect to decorate your winter base with!


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Did you know that every 1 in 10,000 times you play Minecraft the main menu will display a typo in the game's title?



Holiday Resort


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