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Spring Sale 2023 on Minecraft Marketplace

CrackedCubes Team

4 Apr 2023

Olympus, the home of the gods, is now on sale at 33% off

Things are blooming... as spring is finally here. So, it seems like just the right time for a sale! Get our iconic Olympus map at 33% off (328 Minecoins) for a limited time only. Featured as part of the spring sale on Minecraft Marketplace, this sale offer will run from April 4th through to April 11th. Make sure to head on over to Minecraft Marketplace to get it while the sale is live!

Explore the floating world of Olympus… Step back into ancient mythology and make your new home the palace of the gods! Constrcuted out of heavenly quartz, explore the grand halls, grab valuable loot from library archive, and complete the floating maze! Just don't forget that you are not immortal, and you can fall back to earth easily.

A huge detailed palace with multiple outbuildings, including a grand library of the universe, throne room, amphithreatre, portal temples, and more!

Custom scenery models, based on ancient neoclassical statues, unique custom textures, and godly skins to roleplay with included

To view the full details of this project, please click here to head on over to our store. The sale only applies during the above dates, and for more information on the sale keep an eye on Minecraft Marketplace or visit Mojang's spring sale blog post here.

Minecraft Marketplace Spring Sale Image Source: Mojang Synergies AB (via Twitter / @Minecraft / @MinecraftMarket)

See the spring sale 2023 launch announcement directly from Mojang:


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